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L’Core’s 2017 Beauty Trends

This year brought us all sorts of makeup and skincare products that made an advancement to the process of skincare and beauty. 2016 popularized techniques like contouring and highlighting which are only done by professional makeup artists back then. Today, easy to use contouring sets and kits are sold all over the cosmetics world and everyone knows the basic idea of contouring. Another trend that brought a big change in skincare is the process of sharply and precisely shaping the eyebrows using eyebrow kits. Eyebrows back then are the least of our priorities in makeup, but 2016 came along the cosmetics industry and introduced us to the sharp and straight shape of the eyebrows.


Liquid lipsticks also rose to popularity when makeup brands formulated a super matte and super thin lipsticks that will last you for days without developing any wear and tear. Liquid lipsticks are usually matte and come in different solid colors. Some brands even have paper white and neon yellow shades. Liquid lipsticks opened a new gate for the cosmetics industry to be bold and get creative.


L’core Paris Face Coverage

These are only some of the beauty techniques and products that made a name this year. Moisturizers that can serve as a base foundation also rose to fame with its convenient skin effects. At first glance, tinted moisturizers look like liquid foundations, however, these are purely made up of skin moisturizer with a hint of shade into them. Some of the really good brands produce long lasting colors for their tinted moisturizer but some just did not make the cut.


Skin tints or tinted moisturizers did not really make an ultimate debut due to the rarity of the product’s success.


Korean skincare improved this factor and introduced the world to Cushion Compacts. These compact appear like your normal compact powders with a really thick space for the powder to be stored. These compacts are actually your powdered CC and BB creams that are compressed. What’s really unique about these compacts is that they liquidate once you press onto it. Cushion compacts made the whole process of beauty roll into one. These compacts also contain various skin treatments depending on the type of the Cushion Compact. Most of the formula contains UV protection and skin brightening properties which are ideal for everyday use, and immensely convenient to bring along with you especially if you travel a lot.


L’core Paris Skincare

Makeup is not the only thing that made a progress this year. New and advanced skincare products were also introduced to us. The luxury brand of L’core Paris made a boom with their 60 Second Face Lifting Cream that instantly gets rid of any signs of aging in just a matter or seconds. This cream based facial mask will lift away obvious lines and wrinkles right after you soak your face with the solution for a few minutes.


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