L’Core Paris Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Serum

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The L’Core Paris Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Serum is specially formulated to be a fast-acting anti-aging product. Like all of L’Core Paris’s products, the serum is a result of combining the healing properties of gemstones, diamonds in this case, and the advanced pharmaceutical grade ingredients to produce a luxury beauty care product for the skin.

Cream vs. Serum

The most basic and most common forms of skin care products would be the cream and the serum. What is the difference and which one is more effective? Let’s find out.

The cream is the most common and popular skin care product. Its basic ingredients are oil and water. In L’Core’s Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Cream’s case, the cream is formulated by our cosmetics engineers specifically to fight wrinkles. Though suitable for many skin types, creams are highly recommended for dry skin, as it provides that extra moisturizing element.

The only difference with serum is that it is water-based. It also has advanced formulation, like how the L’Core’s Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Serum is designed to fight signs of aging. The serum has its effect optimized by its water-based form because the skin can absorb it easier and more effectively than creams. Serums can also be layered for better effects are also suitable for many skin types.

The L’Core Crystalline Diamond Collection

This collection offers great protection from environmental damage, as the diamond powder infused within help the products to stimulate and strengthen the skin. There’s no need to worry about the abrasiveness of diamonds, though. The diamond dust is ground so finely by advanced machinery that is safe to even the most sensitive skin.

Along with the Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Cream and the L’Core Wrinkle Filler Cream, the Express Lifting Diamond Serum is designed to combat the signs of aging – faster. Used together in your skin care regimen, these luxury products are guaranteed to make wonders to your skin.