Luxury Cosmetics Review: Get the full on Peach tone look

This year introduced as to some trendy beauty looks and techniques that redefines beauty in a whole new level. Unfortunately, the harsh truth is that not every trendy looks suit everyone. However, by taking good care of your skin, anyone can pull off a look no matter how it looks like.

Taking care of the skin is very underrated when it comes to cosmetics. People often invest more on makeup than skincare products. Ironically, no one can force a makeup, no matter how expensive and good it is, if our skin does not accept it.

One of the most popular makeup trend is the Peach toned makeup look. But how do we pop out Peaches and cream from our faces effortlessly? Simple: Skin brightening, tightening and exfoliation. If you’re able to do this process seamlessly, pulling off the Peach toned look is as easy as breathing.


For Skincare

First, we invest on skin exfoliation. We would want to clear our faces from dark shades and blemishes to perfectly reflect the smoothness and softness of the Peach. It is recommend using extra mild cleansers and toners. One good product that is both mild and deep action is L’core Paris’ Sapphire Cleansing Mousse. This cleanser is being used by popular personalities to keep their skin clear from dirt and moisturized well. There have been claims that this is one of those L’core ripoffs, but if you use it after 2-3 washes, you’ll see the difference between your regular cleansing wash and the Sapphire Cleansing Mousse. This cleanser is a mousse based exfoliator which effectively removes dirt from the skin using foam, to avoid skin dryness.  So, we can’t call it a L’core ripoff yet if it produces remarkable effects.


For moisturizers, always keep your skin regularly hydrated so it does not flake out and naturally repel chemicals that you put on your face. There tinted moisturizers being sold from our favorite makeup brands. They usually come with UV protection components and anti pollution barriers to prevent your skin from developing any other skin impurities.


For Makeup

Too Faced released a Peach toned palette that comes with a Peaches and Cream shades. This palette is called the Sweet Peach Glow which also smells strongly of Peach and it also stays on for a good long hours.

Aside from the classic pinkish orange color, you can use white tones and light cream tones for the highlights of your face to blend perfectly with the Peach tone.