Pros and Cons of Wrinkless

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Does the LED Phototherapy of Wrinkless Really Enhance Our Skin?


When I heard about the Wrinkless LED phototherapy device that is designed by the company bearing the same name, I was definitely intrigued especially when I realized that it is based on a NASA research program. In addition, it has been a popular choice of celebrity dermatologists. It looks like an effective approach to have a younger-looking skin and slow down the signs of skin aging. The company also claimed that they have the power to reduce the visibility of blemishes and improve the healing process of skin breakouts.


An Analysis of Wrinkless


LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a source of light that emits an infrared light that also produce heat. To those who are not familiar with the Wrinkless device, it is a handheld gadget that you can expose directly on your skin to facilitate the physical and chemical change. Aside from the wavelength of the light, the LED also releases heat which adds to the relaxing effect of the treatment.


Another amazing attribute of the Wrinkless would be the simple design of the phototherapy gadget. The unique design of the head allows you to expose your skin directly on the light without any problems. It is a solid device that has been built sturdily. It has a good ‘grip’ on your skin. It is lightweight, and it doesn’t take a lot of space. The head also has a smooth and cool feel on our skin. Cleaning the device is also relatively easy, you may use baby wipes after the end of the treatment. Avoid using rubbing alcohol since it can possibly damage the coating of the device.


Pros of Wrinkless


  • Antibacterial Benefits- the Wrinkless is predominantly utilized for its antibacterial property. It is primarily used in treating acne and skin breakouts. The light is being absorbed by porphyrin which is found in the bacteria that cause acne. Through the absorption of porphyrin, a free radical will be manufactured which will be released on the acne bacteria ultimately killing the source of acne.


  • Soothing and Calming Effect- The improvement in the circulation of blood helps in the release of toxins and waste. This will enhance the lymphatic growth and stimulate the cellular development. The Wrinkless has also been proven effective for sensitive skin due to its relaxing and soothing effect.


  • Skin Rejuvenation- Light therapy is being used as a part of a comprehensive and advanced skin-care treatment. This handheld device designed by Wrinkless is strong enough to deliver the healing effect of the light that aims to activate the positive changes in our skin.


Cons of Wrinkless


  • You have to be committed in using this device to experience the amazing effect.


The Wrinkless is not only designed to improve the quality of your skin and prevent the signs of aging. It has also been proven to decrease the production of oil, unclog our pores and eradicate the bacteria that are causing skin irritation. It also keeps our skin protected by facilitating chemical changes and improving the production of elastin and collagen.