How far are you willing to go in the name of beauty? The new therapy which utilizes freezing techniques which puts your body through quite extreme temperatures is the new trend on the market. It will reduce your wrinkles and boost the look on your glowing skin.


Cold Therapy


Done in the right measures and environment while using the proper tools, you will certainly experience stunning benefits from skin toning to fat reducing. Replace the old ways of Botox with the new freezing therapy. It utilizes liquid nitrogen which will freeze the specific area on your forehead or between your eyebrows, for example. What happens next is the nerves are temporarily put into hibernation mode which relaxes them, and the wrinkles disappear.


Botox takes around four days to complete, while this takes 20 minutes and lasts for at least four months. Not to mention the fact that the procedure is completely natural. There are a variety of different freezing techniques as others have an impact on the blood vessels but essentially accomplish the same


Hot Therapy


The exactly opposite technique leads to similar effects, believe it or not. The idea behind it is to essentially “iron” your skin. It works the same way as with straightening up your hair. It might sound silly, but it actually leads to tremendous results. Depending on the procedure you go with, it could take a few hours in three to four weeks apart from each other. It is a completely non invasive procedure which uses radio frequencies to generate heat through the electric current and heat the skin up. The collagen tissue instantly shrinks due to the heat which brings the tightening effect. As we age we lose the collagen in our body, however, the procedure naturally stimulates its production, which benefits us even further.


Wrinkless Cooling and Warming Device


Which brings us to the point of the article. How could you take advantage of both your procedures without having to pay to an expert to conduct them? The brand new L’Core Wrinkless cooling and warming device will do the job for both procedures.


It is a small tool which easily fits into the palm of your hand, which makes it quite mobile. You could stick it in your purse and use it during your lunch break even. As the procedures take almost no time at all, you could restore your perfect skin tone in a matter of minutes, anywhere at any time with the usage of this device. It will bring back your natural skin glow through its photon utilization.


Unlike the therapies described above, you could achieve the same results without having an electric charge running through your skin, but rather the use of ultrasonic waves, which you won’t even feel. The Wrinkless cooling and warming device basically utilizes the properties of light with ultrasonic waves and restores the youthful tone of your skin.