Product Description Wrinkless Neck



As we age the signs of it become quite obvious, whether it’s a single line at one place or a bag or sag on the other, they are all there. The neck is one of the places which show all of those signs and unfortunately there are not many ways to hide it. Especially during the summer, wearing a scarf would make you look like a lunatic. The good news is there is no need to hide; this new device will help reduce the appearance of aging signs.


Wrinkless Neck


The device is made especially for the needs of your neck as its unique shape could easily access all of the neck areas. Its head is in the form of a dolphin’s tale, and its overall size is quite small. All of that makes the device quite mobile and easy to pack up while it boosts its efficiency. Not only that, but also L’Core Paris care for the environment which enabled them to produce a cable-free device, which runs on battery and recharges through a USB port on any device. You could charge it in your car or on your computer.


The Features and Functions


The head of the product easily accesses not only each part of the neck but also the shoulders, hands, and legs. It heats up to 45 degrees Celsius, which is equal to 113 Fahrenheit. That heat enables the activation of the skin and aims to boost the blood circulation, clear meridians, improve metabolism, stimulate certain points on your neck which will relax it and  lead to a major amount of other benefits. If you have a weak neck, which easily gets tired the device will help you eliminate the fatigue and restore your energy levels.


The Three Modes


The device has three different, quite high precision light control modes which could tighten your skin:


  • Blue Light Mode


The first mode and one with the lowest speed. As suggested by the name, the head lights up in blue. You will feel a low vibration which is meant to activate the skin and promote the synthesis of collage and protein which will lead to tightening the loose skin and removing pores. This is the best mode for people with oily and sensitive skin types.


  • Green Light Mode


While the first mode does not utilize heat, this one heats the head up to 45 degrees Celsius and emits green light. The vibration level is medium. The heat which the cells adopt is meant to improve the utilization of oxygen in the cell itself in order to revitalize your skin and remove any imbalances.


  • Red Light Mode


The head becomes red, uses the same temperature but the vibration is quite stronger. This mode is meant to promote the growth of fibroblasts and smoothen up the fine lines. It might have an effect on old scars as well.



Wrinkless neck is easy to use, and you could easily adjust the massage time per your desire.  Perhaps the biggest advantage to it apart from its efficiency is its mobility. You could use it wherever you want.