Full Review of L’Core’s Wrinkless+


L’core is a company that is known for harnessing the power of exotic ingredients such as gemstones and precious metal. They have a reputation of creating cosmetic products that are using specialty ingredients. One of their latest offering would be the Wrinkless+ which is a safe, non-invasive phototherapy that aims to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, improve the skin tone and revitalize our skin. The light treatment utilizes a red LED light that prevents breakout and blemishes.


The Light Treatment of L’Core Wrinkless+


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode; it has the capacity to release an infrared light once it is activated. The L’Core Wrinkless+ works by exposing the surface of your skin from the light. When using the instrument, make sure that it will not come in contact with your skin. These procedures are often used by the spas, but they are using the panel light treatment. The light wand that is offered by L’core can be conveniently used in our home which will help us avoid the costly spa treatment.


The Wrinkless+ costs at around $4,499 that will aim to destroy the cause of acne. It can also stimulate the formation of collagen which can promote healing and minimize the scarring. In addition, by normalizing the amount of collagen that our body produces, our skin will also become firmer and suppler. This phototherapy wand is a powerful treatment on different skin –related problems.


To achieve the best result, you should start this process by applying a hot steam. After all your pores have opened, it is time to clean your face with a mild facial cleanser. You can also apply your favorite facial cream; since your pores are all open, the absorption process will a lot be easier. After this, it is now time to utilize your LED wand. If possible, you should also have an eye protection that will keep your eyes safe from the strong light that the wand emits. You should continue exposing your skin for at least 20 minutes. You may feel a slight discomfort during the first few minutes, but as you get used to it, you will realize that the procedure feels relaxing.


The temperature of the L’core Wrinkless+ is not that hot compared to the other similar products, you will realize that the light of the wand is more noticeable compared to the heat that it emits. You will not have that overheated feeling after you finished with your light treatment. When it comes to the result, you will start to notice some changes after few days of regular use. In my case, it took three days before I noticed that my skin is starting to look clearer. In addition, the inflamed cyst that I have underneath my skin has ultimately subsided.


The result that I receive from L’core Wrinkless+ is so effective that I will highly recommend it to anyone. For those who are now using this powerful tool, I advise you to continue with your treatment for up to 10 weeks if you want to see a dramatic improvement in the quality of your skin.